1. Contact the Pastor as soon as possible, but at least 6 months prior to your intended date.

2. All the candidates for Quinceañera are required to have received the Sacraments of Baptism and Holy Communion and have the intention of receiving Confirmation.  The Candidates should be enrolled in 2 consecutive years of CCE prior to the year in which they will celebrate their Quinceañera.  She must be attending Mass and living in accord with the Church's teachings.  If coming from another parish, a Letter of Permission from her proper Pastor will need to accompany the request.

3. Parents of the honoree must be registered parishioners of Our Lady of Victory Church who regularly participate in the Mass and the sacramental life of the Church.  Parents who are not married by the Church or are single parents can have their child celebrate a Quinceañera, but should be practicing their faith to the fullest extent possible.  Those couples who are not married in the Catholic Church may want to discuss their particular situation with the Pastor of Our Lady of Victory to see what can be done to have their marriage blessed in the Church.

4. Every candidate must attend a retreat to the Quinceañera at least one month prior to the celebration.  No exceptions.

5. The church office will do all scheduling for the Church's celebration.  Reception halls, music groups, and dances should not be scheduled until after scheduling the date with the Pastor.  The Pastor shall not be bound to any pre-scheduled date that the family has contracted with the hall or the band.

6. The cost for a Quinceañera Mass is $100.00.  It is a custom to give the priest or deacon officiating at the Quinceañera Mass an offering for celebrating your child's Quinceañera.  This is not included in the original $100.00 fee.

7. All Mass celebrations must be planned 1 month prior to the scheduled celebration.  A rehearsal will take place 1 day prior to the scheduled celebration.

8. A Quinceañera is a celebration of Baptismal Faith; therefore, all music during the Mass must reflect the religious dimension of the celebration.  Secular music is not appropriate.  If you have any questions, please contact the Pastor.

9.The 5 padrinos of the Quinceañera (Birthstone Ring, Medallion, Bible and Rosary, Crown and Bouquet) are customary at this celebration.  These are the only padrinos who will be involved in the Mass.  There are no zodiac rings or other zodiac pieces of jewelry at a Catholic Quinceañera.  Since a Quinceañera is a celebration of Baptism in the Catholic Church, all padrinos should be Catholics in good standing with the Catholic Church and if married, they should be married in the Catholic Church.  A non-Catholic spouse married by the Catholic Church to a Catholic in good standing is allowed.

10. By tradition, the candidate would have her closest friends, who support her in her decision to dedicate her life to God, to accompany her at the Mass.

11. The responsibility to meet all of the requirements and deadlines rest with the candidate and her family.  If all requirements are not met 1 month before the celebration, the Pastor, regardless of invitations, hall rentals, bands, etc., can and will cancel the celebration.


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